The Stacked Bob Is Summer’s Most Unexpected Short Hair Trend


It’s official: The stacked bob is back—but not in the way that you might know it. Google the hair trend and you’ll be met with images of the “dated” style, which has exaggerated long layers at the front that ascend into heavily layered shorter pieces towards the back of the head, and this does give off 2010 vibes. However, I’m here to inform you that the stacked bob has had a modern update for 2023. Scroll down for the proof.

So how exactly is this type of bob haircut different this time around? Firstly, we’re seeing a far softer graduation in those long-to-short layers, and this style is cropping up in a whole range of hair lengths. Chloë Grace Moretz’s shoulder-skimming bob above has longer face-framing pieces, whilst Sabrina Elba has elegantly tucked those longer layers behind her ears in the cropped hairstyle below. You might also see this cut described as the graduated bob or micro bob, as hairstylist Tom Smith coins it.

“Shrinking normal bob lengths up close to the nape of the neck, the ‘micro bob’ is a great option for those willing to push the limits of the bob,” he says. He explains that the hair is cut right up to the lowest part of the hairline and often styled in a head-hugging, sleek way. “This bob is a very high-fashion yet extremely practical option for those with straight to wavy hair,” he says.

The Stacked Bob Is Summer’s Most Unexpected Short Hair Trend

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