These 5 Pedicure Colours Will Always Be Popular, According to Experts


From rainbow brights to cool metallics, I’m all about experimentation when it comes to my fingernails. In fact, painting my nails at home (or investing in manicures, depending on how much free time I have) is a year-round non-negotiable for me. But now that sandal season has arrived to stay for the foreseeable, I’ve realised that my feet are sadly lacking in the same amount of TLC—and after a long winter spent tucked away in thick socks and chunky boots, a good pedicure is more than overdue.

However, whilst nail art and manicure trends dominate much of my Instagram scroll sessions, the same can’t be said for pedi inspiration. So, instead of seeking out under-the-radar nail colours or the hottest hues for summer, I wanted to find out what the most timeless toenail colours are. After all, pedicures always last way longer than manicures, so keeping it classic means I can take a low-maintenance approach to my toenail shade. 

With that in mind, I reached out to some of my favourite nail salons and experts to find out what the most popular toenail colours are with their clients, regardless of the season. These are the five that came out on top.

These 5 Pedicure Colours Will Always Be Popular, According to Experts

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