People In Paris Will Be Wearing This Jeans-and-Shoes Pairing Well Into Autumn


Haute Couture Fashion Week has only just kicked off in Paris, and yet we’re already being served up noteworthy street style outfits. Alongside the wonders offered up on the runways, we like to take time to focus on the attendees’ looks; ensembles that hint to the trends that will begin to take hold come autumn. And right now, French model Tina Kunakey has given us a stellar example of a chic French-woman look that is set to be a blueprint next season: barrel-leg jeans, mesh shoes and a classic white shirt. 

In simple terms, jeans and a white shirt may not feel like something to write home about, but the brilliance of this outfit is all in the detail. Firstly, the shape of the jeans, a barrel-cut, is a style that took a back seat as the wide-leg silhouette took hold over the spring and summer months. Last autumn, we saw this style come to prominence, and its evident that fashion people are set to pull out this striking jeans style once again. Secondly, the composition with a white shirt plays in to the innate French style of classic staples with a modern edge. Though Kunakey has opted for a striking wrap style, the outfit formula still stands with the trusty white shirt from our capsule wardrobes. Finally, the mesh shoes add a fashion-forward element that demonstrate insight of the much-loved style that has only recently infiltrated style circles. All together, the look makes an impact, though the building blocks are easy to copy and paste. And if you’re keen to do so, I’ve found the pieces you’ll need to step out in this autumn-ready look. 

Keep scrolling for the three key items you’ll need to recreate this French jeans-and-shoe pairing direct from Couture Fashion Week. 

People In Paris Will Be Wearing This Jeans-and-Shoes Pairing Well Into Autumn

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