8 Autumn Staples Chic Fashion People Are Already Wearing


It might seem sacrilegious given that July has only just begun, but hear me out: Fashion people are already thinking about—and wearing!—the trends we know will be big news this autumn. Those of us who work in the industry are practically programmed to live a season ahead, keeping mental notes and archiving observations on items or aesthetics we think will be of interest to our readers in a week, month or even six months. And it seems as though content creators on both Instagram and TikTok are also speeding up their style cycles and blurring the lines between summer and autumn with their current outfits.

This might come as a shock to those who live in warmer climes, but anyone who resides in Britain knows that just because we enjoy one week of great weather, there’s no banking on the next following suit. In contrast to the high temperatures we were experiencing just a few days ago, there’s now a discernible chill in the air that’s affecting the fashion choices of our favourites to follow. We also know that autumn outfit trends are currently piquing your shopping interest. Along with sandals and floaty dresses, we’re noticing that more of you are now clicking and buying pieces in our stories that loan themselves to autumn, like blazers, knitwear and loafers.

So we decided to give you what you’re currently craving—ahead is an edit of stylish items fashion people are already backing for next season. You can start wearing these now and they will continue to stand you in good stead when autumn officially rolls around.

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8 Autumn Staples Chic Fashion People Are Already Wearing

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