The £45 Sandals That Are as Comfortable as They Are Cool


It’s fair to say that recent fashion trends have been a conveyor belt of “dad” trends, with everything from trainers to match-ready football shirts getting attention from the fashion crowd. Over the past few years, the practical sandal has undoubtedly been one of the most popular, with hiking brand Teva shifting its camping shop credentials to become the sandal of choice for Instagram’s coolest. It saw sellout success within weeks. Well, it’s time for dad sandal lovers to rejoice, because the £50 comfy-yet-cool shoe style is back for another year, and is ready to transition your loungewear into the warmer months. 

Tevas are shoes you can just as easy mooch around at home in as you can walk 10,000 steps a day in, thanks to the spongey platform and the adjustable straps. They come in many colours, including orange, white, khaki, aqua (a popular style is the Hurricane Drifts). However, the most-loved style within fashion circles are the Universal sandals in the Midform version, which are available in the UK for £50. Thanks to the platform, these are perfect for toughening up pretty floral minidresses and slip skirts. For those looking to go full-on dad, try adding a pair of white chunky ankle socks.

The £45 Sandals That Are as Comfortable as They Are Cool

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