If You’re Into Glazed Doughnut Nails, Angel Nails Will Be Your Next Obsession


As any beauty lover will know, nail trends come and go—and then they come back around again. While we’ve seen the chrome, glazed doughnut nail trend dominate for a while, we’re now seeing a subtler and softer nail trend following on its tail.

We spotted “angel nails” on celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik’s IG, who painted none other than Selena Gomez’s nails. He used two shades from Apres Nails Heavenly Top Gelcoat Set —Cherub and Angelic—to achieve this soft, celestial manicure. While the glazed nail trend gives the nail a chrome glow, angel nails feature a very subtle sparkle, that captures the light in a very delicate way. Think tiny glimmers of sparkle rather than heavy-duty glitter polishes.

Selena Gomez’s nail tech, Tom Bachik, took to Instagram to share the ‘angel nail’ manicure, which features a very sheer pink with flecks of holographic shimmer.

Thankfully, the look is so easy to achieve with both gel polish and standard nail polish too. We’ve rounded up some of the best angelic manicures we’ve found and the best sheer polishes to recreate the look. They’re a match made in heaven for your next manicure appointment.

Shop sheer shimmer nail polishes:

I can hear angels sing when I look at this sheer shimmery manicure by celebrity manicurist, Betina Goldstein. One coat of Manicurist’s Moon nail polish is ideal to emulate this effect.

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If You’re Into Glazed Doughnut Nails, Angel Nails Will Be Your Next Obsession

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