The Anti-Trend Swimsuit You’ll See On Every European Beach This Summer


When it comes to summer trends, there are so many I want to try out this year. Usually, I tend to stick to pieces I know I’ll wear on repeat, but this year, I’m being tempted by cutouts, bright shades of tangerine and pink and even the revival of miniskirts and denim. There is one area of my summer wardrobe I try not to shake up, though, and this is the swimwear section. We all know a great-fitting swimsuit can be hard to come by. So when it comes to a new one-piece, I stick to shapes, brands and colours I know suit me. And often, this heads in the direction of one colour: black.

Like the LBD, black swimsuits never fail to make an impact, yet they stay classic all at the same time. In fact, I’ve seen them on the beaches of just about every European destination I’ve visited over the past 10 years, so if that’s not a testament to their enduring appeal, I don’t know what is.

Of course, the hue is also known to be universally  complimentary, and now that I spend a little more on well-fitting, good-quality swimsuits, I like to buy them in a shade I know I’ll never tire of. Also, I like to know they won’t go see-through as soon as I take a dip in a pool. So to make swimwear shopping stress-free, these are the best black swimsuits that will never let you down. 

The Anti-Trend Swimsuit You’ll See On Every European Beach This Summer

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