5 Best Pizza Ovens of 2023, According to Experts


Now, the best pizza ovens to cook up all the pies on the fly.

The Best Pizza Oven, Overall: Solo Stove Pi

You’ll probably recognize the Solo Stove brand for its range of smokeless fire pits, and the Pi is one of its more recent products in the cookware space. It’s fueled by wood or charcoal, though the additional $100 gas burner makes the Pi super versatile. “There’s a learning curve to cooking with wood and it requires a bit more attention, both while feeding the flame and cooking a pizza,” Allen says, who adds that the gas attachment allows you to hook up the pizza oven to a regular propane tank, just like a barbecue, “making it that much easier to get started and to control temperature.”

The Pi is a scorcher (boasting temperatures up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit), and it does so in around 15 to 20 minutes, which is way faster and much hotter than your at-home oven. As Allen does at home, you can prep your toppings while the thing is getting up to temperature. The pizza oven’s flame burns in the back, and Allen says it’s hard to actually burn pies in there, especially since it utilizes Solo Stove’s innovative method of channeling airflow. It’s also super portable so you can bring it to your next tailgate or camping trip.

The Best Splurge-y Outdoor Pizza Oven: Gozney Roccbox

Gozney Roccbox pizza oven

Before Gozney started making at-home pizza ovens, the brand specialized in ones made for professional restaurants. With that knowledge of making pizzas (and pizza ovens) for commercial settings, Gozney created the Roccbox for at-home pizzaiolos. “They took the important components from the great industrial wood fire ovens and added them to Gozney’s [at-home pizza oven] design—things like amazing heat retention and the ability to use gas or wood,” says Frank Pinello, the founder of Best Pizza in Brooklyn, New York.

Unlike other pizza ovens that offer gas compatibility for a surcharge, Gozney includes it in the price (though it is on the more expensive side to begin with). The Roccbox heats up quickly and can achieve temperatures up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit, whether you’re using wood or gas. Everything about the Roccbox, in terms of design, is to make sure that the pizza oven gets hot and stays hot—from the dense insulation surrounding the body to the flame that starts at the back and flows upward and outward. And despite the crazy-hot temperatures, the external silicone jacket keeps the body cool to the touch.

The Best Indoor Pizza Oven: Breville Pizzaiolo

Breville Pizzaiolo pizza oven

Breville doesn’t hold back when it pushes out a kitchen appliance, and for years, its Pizzaiolo has been the go-to for those who want an indoor pizza oven that’ll pump out pretty exceptional pies. Natalie DeSabato, founder of Traze, a pop-up “pizza lab,” uses a fleet of the Pizzaiolos to make her highly covetable pies. She recommends the Breville pizza oven to home cooks because “it gives you even, amazing bakes, lots of temperature control, and it’s super simple to use and clean.” As a bonus, DeSabato appreciates the fact that the exterior “only gets a bit hot” despite interior temps of up to 750 degrees, so it’s safe to use around curious kids and pets. 

Convenience is key for the Pizzaiolo because it plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet, and with pre-settings for various styles of pizzas (including frozen), it’s hard to screw up no matter what you’re cooking. For someone with a little more experience tossing up pies, there’s even a manual mode that can help cooks fuss with the areas the heat is hitting, whether it’s to brown the crust or cook it more in the middle. “All in all, the Breville’s an incredible and reliable pizza oven,” DeSabato vouches.

The Best Electric Outdoor Pizza Oven: Ninja Woodfire

Ninja Woodfire outdoor oven

Ninja’s Woodfire line of grills isn’t new, but its new electric version of the Woodfire is fresh out of the oven. It’s an eight-in-one outdoor oven that, while powered by electricity, has the option to take specially designed wood pellets to infuse wood flavor in your pie without actually having to deal with wood (or the ensuing mess). What might surprise most folks is that there is no flame to the Woodfire—it’s all electric, and temperature control is impeccable and accurate. It maxes out at 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and comes with eight pre-settings—pizza, max roast, specialty roast, broil, bake, smoker, dehydrate and keep warm—for simple

5 Best Pizza Ovens of 2023, According to Experts

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