7 Surprising Trends That TikTok Has Declared “Dated” in 2023


At Who What Wear UK we like to pride ourselves on the fact that we not only bring you the latest trends, but we manage to keep one step ahead of them, too. Barbiecore? You heard it here first. The micro mini? We knew how to style it. The Y2K revival? It practically happened here. And one way we manage to uncover the biggest fashion trends before they hit the high street is by scouring the net to find fashion’s next hot topic. Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for cataloguing outfit inspiration and saving our favourite pieces, but when it comes to finding out what the next generation are wearing now, we immediately head to TikTok for some Gen Z insight, and it never disappoints. 

2022 was the year that TikTokcore took over and we were hotly debating whether we were coastal cowgirls or regencycore stans, and in 2023 (if you know your tomato girl from your mermaidcore) the internet is a hotbed for a new breed of sub-trends guaranteed to filter into our collective consciousness. So, what tips can we take from TikTok this season? In short, it’s a very mixed bag.

From slacker jeans to maximalist colour palettes, TikTok is celebrating exuberant, anti-trend style over cookie-cutter uniforms—an ethos we’re more than happy to introduce into our own wardrobes. Be warned though, whilst the algorithm can send plenty of fresh inspiration your way, it can also be subjective. You may be surprised to find some of your favourite styles in the “dated” pile right now, but I have a sneaking suspicion that, as with all of fashion’s peaks and troughs, they’ll invariably come back into favour.

Looking for the latest styles to inspire your look in a trend-forward way? Step right up. These are the seven fashion trends TikTok has declared “dated” right now, and the seven its users really rate.

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7 Surprising Trends That TikTok Has Declared “Dated” in 2023

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