Editor’s Pick: Throws To Use All Year From abc home & carpet


What: We’re jazzing up areas around the apartment, from the bench at the dining table to the couch and the bed, all with one key accessory: a sumptuous and stylish year-round throw.

Who: There’s a reason you won’t scroll through an Architectural Digest feature on someone’s gorgeous home without seeing a mention or two of their prized abc home & carpet possessions—seriously, the last two videos I watched both had A listers proudly showcasing the first piece they saved up for from the mecca. With over 125 years of expertise, from selling carpets from a pushcart on the LES to its now-iconic, 50+ year home located at 888 Broadway, there’s a reason its maintained its aspirational status, whether you’re a shopper in their first apartment or their forever home.

Why: Granted it feels like a million degrees outside right now, but the redecorating bug has set in as we enjoy some summer downtime. This Mohair Throw manages to be both rich and substantial, but still suitable to snuggle into 365 days a year, and its eye-catching color varieties will add texture and dimension to any piece of furniture. Then there’s the dreamy Seren Throw, knitted from Oyuna’s signature responsibly-sourced and sustainably made pure cashmere. Should we get our hands on this cloud-soft throw, we might cancel all our upcoming summer plans and just stay home swaddled in cloud-like perfection.

Where: for all throws, see abchome.com

How much: Mohair Throw from $375 (sale price: $300); Seren Throw from $1,196

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Freya Drohan

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Editor’s Pick: Throws To Use All Year From abc home & carpet

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