Welcome to The 1975’s Big Menswear Glow-Up


The British rock band The 1975 has built an image on being—and dressing—like a crew of well-to-do slags who grew up together in a Manchester suburb. In the band’s two decades of existence, its members have run through countless leather jackets, pairs of black skinny jeans, and various ill-filling garments of indie-sleaze proportions. “If we’re going for the garish rock star who’s bought into his own self-constructed kind of mythology, then that’s kind of the outfit,” the band’s frontman Matty Healy told Vogue of his fashion sense back in 2016.

But in recent months, as the band’s stateside profile has magnified in tandem with Healy’s brief public romance with pop megastar Taylor Swift, The 1975 has started dressing like, well, highly visible rock stars. This past weekend, all four lads wore threads courtesy of the Italian luxury label Zenga, a leading purveyor of the “stealth wealth” flavor of richly understated clothing, to perform at Finsbury Park in London. Healy (who also wore Zegna to the 2023 Brit Awards) sported a pale green cotton suit with a linen shirt, guitarist Adam Hann a black wool kit, and bassist Ross MacDonald an acorn-hued cashmere-and-cotton polo and pleated pants. A Zegna spokesperson tells GQ that the brand—hot off a jaunty collab with cult SoCal knitwear label The Elder Statesman—has been working with the band as of late, even outfitting them all in tuxedos to perform on Saturday Night Live in April. (Which, incidentally, puts them in good company with other famous Zegna ambassadors such as Mads Mikkelsen, Andrew Garfield, and Succession’s Kieran Culkin.)

The 1975, dressed in Zegna tuxedos, performs on Saturday Night Live in March.NBC/Getty Images

But Healy, who has long described his own taste as “pretentious,” has dabbled in the high-fashion dark arts in the past. In 2016, he told GQ about his love for Dries Van Noten, Vetements, and Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent; he’s since attended fashion weeks in Europe. Last month, Healy wore a shrunken Thom Browne suit with a pair of box-fresh Asics during a show in Scotland; at a music festival in Neuhausen, Germany, he tucked a dove-gray Oxford shirt into high-waisted trousers for a look that bordered on Lydia Tár cosplay. Glad to see he’s bringing the boys with him on his sartorial

Welcome to The 1975’s Big Menswear Glow-Up

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