From 1000s of Deals, This Is What Our Editors Would Actually Buy on Prime Day


Depending on the kind of shopper you are, the three little words “Amazon Prime Day” may cause delight or sheer terror. We love a great deal as much as the next person, but, like Black Friday, Amazon’s Prime Day sales have grown over the years to include literally tens of thousands of discounts. While it’s a great opportunity to save, especially on those big ticket items you already had on your wish lists (or more practical ‘need to replace’ lists), there’s no doubt it can be extremely time consuming scrolling through all the deals to find the best ones. Especially since it now includes so many categories: Fashion, beauty, home, tech, health… the list goes on. 

But, fret not. We know you lead busy lives and we know you trust our expert judgement (after all, it is our jobs to sift through the sales all year round, so we can spot a genuinely good deal when we see one). That’s exactly why we’re here to help today—we managed to get our eyes on Amazon’s best fashion, beauty and home Prime Day deals ahead of time, and we’ve spent the last few days avidly trawling the pages and pages of discounts so you don’t have to. We’ve wrapped up all the offers we think are truly worth spending that hard earned cash on below. In fact, we’ve gone one step further and the whole Who What Wear UK team are sharing the deals that are so good, they’re going to be adding them straight to their baskets themselves—from seriously discounted beauty tools we’ve been wanting to try, to home appliances that were already on our lists mid-house moves.

Whether you love them or hate them, sales can be stressful and often lead to regretful buys. So our main aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to make the smartest, most informed decisions this Amazon Prime Day. If you’re looking to shop the chicest (yes, really) affordable fashion on amazon, see what discounts The Drop has here. For the best beauty deals according to a beauty editor, don’t miss this round up. We’ve also got the low down on the best dupes on offer (who doesn’t love a good Amazon dupe), and the TikTok-viral beauty buys you can bag for a lot less this Prime Day. 

First, though, keep scrolling for our elite round up of the best Prime Day deals across fashion, beauty and home that our editors are taking advantage of this year. You’re welcome… 

From 1000s of Deals, This Is What Our Editors Would Actually Buy on Prime Day

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