I Don’t Sail, But TikTok’s “Yacht Girl Summer” Is a Look I Can Get Behind


Between the balletcore, “old money” and “tomato girl” aesthetics, we’re spending summer 2023 in pretty flats, blazers and shirred dresses, and swapping Y2K grunge for Gen Z’s take on luxury dressing. But, whether you subscribe to the latest trends or you’re a classic dresser, there is something universally appealing about TikTok’s latest aesthetic that might just capture your attention, and it’s already a celeb and influencer favourite.

Enter, “yacht girl summer”. You might not actually have plans to cruise around the French Riviera this summer, but there’s no reason you can’t dress like you’re about to step onto a boat, and this luxe aesthetic is the key to looking put together and keeping cool—something we can easily get behind. Sorry, regencycore, but this is a moment for the Below Deck fans.  

Take one part maritime stripes, add a little ’90s glamour, throw in plenty of linen and swimwear and sprinkle with a little French je ne sais quoi, et voila, the yacht-girl uniform is complete. Think Hailey Bieber’s holiday looks, Sophia Richie Grainge’s honeymoon wardrobe or Katy Perry at Wimbledon. Goodbye, hot girl summer, and hello, luxury vibes. And if you’ve ever shoulder-robed a breton knit over a swimsuit whilst pouring a chilled glass of wine, congratulations—you’ve already achieved the goal.

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I Don’t Sail, But TikTok’s “Yacht Girl Summer” Is a Look I Can Get Behind

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