Sofia Richie and Dua Lipa Love This Unexpected Nail Colour for Summer


When we think of the best summer nail colours, we think of bright shades of pink, coral, red, blue, and yellow, among others. This year, however, we’re toning things down, opting for something soft and serene, and it’s all thanks to celebrities like Dua Lipa, Sofia Richie, and Sabrina Carpenter. These Gen Z It girls are all wearing the same nail colour, which can only mean one thing: It’s officially one of the summer’s biggest nail colours.

Let us introduce you to a pale creamy blue coined blueberry milk. It’s a take on the wildly popular milk bath nails that exploded on TikTok earlier this year after being approved by Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, and Sydney Sweeney. Milk bath nails use soft colours to create a blurred or “milky” effect. Gone are the days of vivid brights—soft shades are here to stay. Keep scrolling to see some examples of blueberry milk nails and shop the 10 best polishes for re-creating the trend at home.

Blueberry milk nails sit somewhere between sky blue and robin’s egg blue. It veers toward pastel, favoring shades that are soft, pale, and powdery over those that are bright and saturated. I’m talking soothing and spa-like colors that give off an easy-going vibe that’s perfect for summer. Need inspiration? Look to Richie, who paired her blueberry milk nails with a casual outfit that screams weekend brunch. 

Sofia Richie and Dua Lipa Love This Unexpected Nail Colour for Summer

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