I Wear a Different Perfume Every Day, But These 11 Earn Me the Most Compliments


My perfume collection is extensive. As a beauty journalist, I receive a lot of perfume. As long as any given scent doesn’t make me turn my nose up at first sniff, I’ll usually add it to my shelf. The reason for this being that my job is to try as many products as possible and get a feel for them, even if they’re not to my usual tastes. But when it comes to perfume, this can be tricky business.

In order to give each fragrance in my lineup a proper go, I try to mix things up every single day. While one day I might try a head-turning oud, the next I might opt for a light musk or spring-like floral. Not just because variety is, of course, the spice of life, but also because I have found that it is the best way to take others by surprise and gauge reactions. And so, after many years of subjecting those around me to hundreds of smells, I feel as though I am now at a stage where I can spot patterns. One thing I know for sure is that citrus perfumes are without a doubt my most complimented.

And it makes sense, I suppose. Citruses are, after all, fresh and inoffensive, tickling the nose with a type of zestiness that whisks you off to faraway lands. What’s not to love? Luckily, over time, citrus perfumes have become some of my favourites too. Keep scrolling for the 11 citrus perfumes that earn me the most compliments.

I Wear a Different Perfume Every Day, But These 11 Earn Me the Most Compliments

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