I’m Curious—What Do French Girls Buy on Amazon?


As a fashion editor and mom living in L.A who loves nothing more than instant gratification (aka two-day shipping) I tend to shop a lot on Amazon. From books to diapers and T-shirts to tea, I rack up a lot of mileage on my Amazon odometer, and my fellow editors can attest to shopping on the multi-brand platform as much as I do.

So last week, as I sat and wrote one of our beloved French-girl stories, it got me thinking, What exactly do stylish French women buy on Amazon (if anything at all)? Curious to find out more, I tapped into a number of fashion-forward French women that we love to feature here on Who What Wear to see what exactly they add to their Amazon carts on the regular.

Perhaps, not so surprisingly it seems French girls do not shop as much or as frequently as we do in the U.S for fashion items. One of the most popular items they do shop for on Amazon is books, along with home and decor items, beauty items, and niche products such as polaroid film (something that popped up several times). Intrigued? Read on to see what some of our favorite French girls shop on Amazon.

I’m Curious—What Do French Girls Buy on Amazon?

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