43 Best Amazon Clothes Sales During Prime Day 2023: It’s a Mouthful, We Know—But They’re Worth it


Welcome to Prime Day, the Amazon clothes sale you’ve been waiting for. Before we get into it, we need to issue a surprising PSA: the menswear deals you’ll find below might—might!—be more likely to revamp your closet than any other batch on the web right now. You don’t normally head to the ‘Zon to spend big on the grail of your dreams, but if all your wardrobe needs is a healthy push in the right direction, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to start. Remember: even the style pros have the fundamentals down pat, so it’s well worth your time to make sure you’ve got your undies, socks, and plain tees sorted before you level-up to their designer counterparts.

Here’s the thing, though: these days, Amazon isn’t just good for replacing your shredded socks—no, no, no. Amazon, as you might be aware, is a bona fide retail behemoth, and there’s a fair bit of menswear upgrades waiting to be found amidst its assortment of basics…if you know where to look. And after years in the biz spent toiling in the e-comm trenches, we definitely do. So we did all the tough work for you and filed through those SKUs to find the best deals this year’s Amazon clothes sale has to offer, including killer shoes, drool-worthy watches, revitalizing colognes, and so, so much more.

For every other worthwhile deal we’ve found, head over to our massive list of the best Prime Day Deals 2023 has to offer. And check out the rest of our Prime Day coverage, broken out by category, below.

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The Prime Day Hit List

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  • Gildan G5000 Adult heavy cotton T-shirt

    Never underestimate the style power of a plain white tee—just look at The Bear.

  • Theory Birke SS polo

    When Renee Lacoste set out to make a shirt that was stylish and worthy of the tennis court, he probably didn’t anticipate just what a successful combination he had.

  • Nautica standard solid quick dry classic logo swim trunk

    Remember this: swim trunks aren’t just for swimming.

  • Hamilton H64455533 King Series automatic watch

    The kind of watch that looks like it’d smell of rare cigars

43 Best Amazon Clothes Sales During Prime Day 2023: It’s a Mouthful, We Know—But They’re Worth it

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