I Found Every TikTok Viral Beauty Item That’s on Sale During Prime Day


In just one swipe of my For You Page you’ll find three clear categories of video that TikTok has deemed to be up my street. One, style inspiration (mostly Scandi, if you’re wondering). Two, fashion dupes, because, let’s face it, as much as I’d love to invest in the real thing, my budget just doesn’t stretch that far. Finally, and most prevalently, viral beauty products. That’s what I’m focused on today. 

As someone who grew up learning how to do makeup on YouTube, the progression to TikTok was natural. Not only do we get to see new beauty treasures uncovered by fellow makeup fiends, but they show us exactly how to apply them, so we know if they’re actually worth the splurge. Over the past few months, my saved folder has filled up with the most-coveted beauty purchases around, all waiting patiently to be added to my cart.

Finally, I’m ready to take the plunge, mostly because I found all these treasures in the Amazon Prime Day sale. From viral mascaras to much-loved foundations and sweat-proof setting spray to haircare worthy of a double tap, this list of deals covers an array of beauty categories, but I’ve kept it concise to only include the highest-rated options.

Ready to save? Let’s go. 

I Found Every TikTok Viral Beauty Item That’s on Sale During Prime Day

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