I Love a Dupe—13 Designer-Passing Styles In the Prime Day Sale


In my dreams, my wardrobe is packed full of Celine (note: the Phoebe Philo era, when the accent was still a thing), The Row cult favourites and every designer bag that’s ever been created. But in reality, my budget simply doesn’t stretch far enough. As much as replicating the feel or vibe of a piece can work, there are some stand out styles that leave you wanting something that isn’t just the same aesthetic, but as similar a style as possible. (And with a few hundred pounds removed from the price tag). That’s where dupes come in. And just for you, I’m sharing my favourite designer-looking styles that you can snap up now for even less, all thanks to Prime Day

There’s a lot to be said for saving up for the real deal, of course. Most importantly is the quality, that will justify its cost in the long run. Then there’s the intricate details that can often be lost when replicated or used as inspiration. But for those of us who can’t muster the funds no matter how many takeaway coffees they skip, getting as close as we can to the real deal is the next best thing. You could scroll through TikTok for hours, or hunt through websites at will, but my gift to you on this day of discounts is to pull together the best Amazon dupes to make the entire process that much easier. And in the midst of Prime Day, with discounts on everything from beauty to gadgets and more, the best dupes around can now be snapped up for even less. 

Keep scrolling to see the 13 designer-passing dupes in the Prime Day sale.

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I Love a Dupe—13 Designer-Passing Styles In the Prime Day Sale

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