I Spent Two Weeks in Greece—Here’s Everything I Packed and Wore


I will bravely admit it. Among my family and friends, I do not have a reputation for packing light (just ask my long-suffering partner). But as someone who is regularly guilty of going over my baggage allowance, I made the decision a while ago to make my next trip a well-planned one, and that would mean making sure that every item I packed would be entirely necessary and relatively light. Yes, I wanted to keep cool, but more importantly, I wanted to dodge the additional charge. 

It just so happened that my first holiday in three years would be a big one—15 days in fact—and before having a packing meltdown, I set about building a capsule wardrobe that would create as many outfits as possible with as few pieces as possible. (Although, you will have to allow me changes of shoes.) And for the first time ever, I perfected the formula for holiday dressing, and the secret is… swimwear

With a forecast of nearly 32° every day, my main focus was pieces that would stay cool and look good, and it turned out that, with the exception of a couple of light and airy dresses, bikinis and one-piece costumes would form the basis of everything I wore. Whether paired with shorts, under skirts or, of course, on their own, it turned out that all I would require in my case for a fortnight of island hopping would be a few changes of swimwear, cotton separates, a couple of cover-ups and my favourite jewellery. 

Below are some of the looks I wore on my trip and some of the pieces you can shop now to recreate them, and I’m happy to say that each piece is able to be mixed and matched with another. Oh, and there’s also a very handy scarf-styling tip for those extra low on space. So consider this a maximalist’s guide on what to wear in Greece with minimal fuss.   

Style Notes: Is there anything more versatile than a light, strappy dress? I wear them throughout autumn layered up under a chunky knits with knee-high boots, but summer is when they really come into their own. This bold-coloured mini dress is the perfect option for an easy day-to-night outfit that will keep you cool too. 

Style Notes: It’s official—the shirt-and-shorts co-ord is the best thing to happen to our summer wardrobes since Birkenstocks. Not only does it make an easy cover-up straight off the beach, but it’s also smart enough to wear back in the office. 

Style Notes: Gone are the days of the lurid kaftan. Cover-ups are now so chic you’ll want to wear them off the beach too. Amp up the drama in a billowy maxi that’s light enough to keep you cool and looking good while doing it.

Style Notes: If you also find dressing for muggy evenings difficult, allow me to suggest a one-shoulder dress. You can’t beat this level of ventilation, and an asymmetric silhouette only makes it cooler. It’s perfect for those special evenings when only dining al fresco will do. 

Style Notes: You can save on space in your suitcase by getting creative with what you pack. One large silk scarf ended up being a headscarf, a top, and a neckerchief on this trip. The best part? It’s light as a feather, so there’s no need to worry about that baggage allowance. 

Style Notes: The sun is setting, and whether I’m wrapping up my evening or just getting started, a breezy maxi dress is my holiday go-to. Buttermilk yellow isn’t just an obvious choice for summer, it’s also the quiet luxury colour of the season too. Wear with macramé accessories and beaded jewellery to channel a boho spirit with a polished edge. 

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I Spent Two Weeks in Greece—Here’s Everything I Packed and Wore

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