PSA: My Chic £12 Earrings Are Now In the Prime Day Sale


If there’s one thing that this fashion editor loves, it’s a standout accessory moment. My style is largely simple—I wear a palette compromised of neutrals and the fussiest fabric you’ll find me in is white cotton with Broderie Anglais. I like to think of my penchant for such pieces as being classic and anti-trend, but even I crave a playful interjection every once in a while. When that need hits, statement accessories are the first thing I reach for, with jewellery being my favourite thing to experiment with. So, you can bet that this season’s affinity for jumbo earrings was immediately on my radar. 

First spotted on the spring/summer runways (which I’ve chronicled in detail way back in March), there was one thing I was certain of: 2023 was going to be the year of big earring energy, and my prophecy has been proven right. From Bottega Veneta to Saint Laurent, larger than life earrings have populated the designer collections. However, though I may report on the luxury goings on in the industry, rather devastatingly my budget just doesn’t allow me to drop £800+ on a pair of earrings (as much as I might like it to). So I decided to be patient. Then, a few weeks ago, when I was on Amazon indulging in my Marvis toothpaste and coffee table book obsession, I happened upon the perfect oversize teardrop earrings. 

Admittedly these are a Bottega Veneta earring dupe, and while I’d always advocate for buying the original, as we’ve established, I simply don’t have the budget to do so in this instance. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and order myself a pair. I choose the gold colour way (these earrings come in many, many colours). At £12 I didn’t expect much but, as soon as they arrived, I knew I’d found something special.

Lightweight and with the post perfectly positioned so the teardrop sits higher up on your ear, these look so much more expensive than their price tag. They don’t pull on the lobe, making them incredibly comfortable to wear and, although shiny, they aren’t garishly so. In fact, their gleam makes them look all the more expensive in my opinion. 

So impressed was I think I decided to treat myself to the silver style too and, honestly, I’ve been rotating these pairs ever since. Today, I found myself on Amazon yet again, perusing the excellent Prime Day deals when I noticed that my beloved earrings in the sale. Now available in a two-pack containing the gold and silver, I know what I’d buy if I had to do it all over. 

I’ve been telling all of my colleagues that they need to make the most of this offer, and now I’m telling you. Scroll on to shop my beloved Bottega Veneta dupe earrings in the Prime Day sale. 

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PSA: My Chic £12 Earrings Are Now In the Prime Day Sale

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