The Best Prime Day Deal Might Be These Merrell Shoes


The Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals are running rampant. Yet even amidst the glut of discounts on clothing, fitness gear, and nifty tech products, it’s highly possible that these Merrell shoes take the cake. All the Prime Day hubbub (hubbub being the nice way of phrasing it) makes it nigh impossible to rank the deals in any sort of list, let alone crown a single one as the standout best Prime Day deal. That said, if we had to choose one, we might have to give it to Merrell and it’s slate of outdoors-y shoes.

Alright, so it’s really a whole brand and not a single deal. Are you really gonna make a fuss over semantics when there are major discounts to be had? We didn’t think so! The iconic outdoors brand has been producing top-tier, trail-ready footwear for decades. And thanks to menswear’s ongoing gorpcore obsession, Merrell’s catalog has never looked fresher.

Need a pair of hard-wearing boots for a brisk hike? The Moabs are calling your name. Want a pair of house shoes you can also bring on your beach vacation? Pony up for the admittedly weird (and weirdly Julia Fox-approved) Hydro Mocs. Not headed anywhere, but can’t resist a crazy-good deal when you see one? Any of these Merrell shoes are just the ticket.

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  • Merrell Moab 2 Mid waterproof hiking boot

    The Moab 2 held its place at the top of the hiking boot rankings for years. Now that Merrell’s introduced the Moab 3, this titan of the trail is up for grabs at a historically low price.

  • Merrell Moab 3 Mid waterproof hiking boot

    With even better traction, comfort, and durability, Merrell’s latest version of the Mother of All Boots is a smart buy full-price and a genius buy on sale.

  • Merrell Hydro Moc water shoe

    Call it weird, call it a trend, call it whatever you want. We’re calling it a crazy-cool pair of shoes that goes toe to toe with any high-fashion rendition. It’s available in a full prism of fantastic colors, too, so when you come around to the Hydro Moc idea, you can scoop up several.

  • Merrell Jungle Moc shoes

    Your high school science teacher definitely has a pair. And, hey, we’re trusting the science here.

The Best Prime Day Deal Might Be These Merrell Shoes

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