71 Best Prime Day Tech Deals of 2023 to Upgrade Your Home Setup


Mazel tov, early risers: The Prime Day party (day two) kicked off in the wee hours of the morning, and all the best Prime Day tech deals are ripe for the (digital) picking. One of the biggest draws of the shopping “holiday” is its deep catalogue of gadgets, and you’ll usually see prices discounted lower than you’ll find them all year, up until Black Friday rolls around. Given the chaos surrounding the Zon’s annual shop-a-thon though—what with discounts popping in and out willy-nilly throughout the event—we’ve helped cherry pick some of the biggest and most worthwhile deals while they last.

There are, of course, a glut of Amazon-branded, Alexa-enabled products on sale, but other highly covetable items from the tech wizards at Samsung, Google, Apple, and Bose reliably wind up in the bargain bin, too. Because the current roster of markdowns isn’t exactly a walk in the park, we put on our deal-hunting hats and surfaced a curated list of all the best Amazon Prime Day tech deals that you should shop without reservation—including, but not limited to, a fantastic pair of noise-canceling headphones, savvy fitness trackers, and a few must-have kitchen appliances to make cooking a whole lot easier.

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  • Vitamix Propel Series 750 Blender

    A blender so good you can open up a competitor to Jamba Juice.

  • Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09 Air Purifier and Fan

    Dyson’s most advanced air purifier takes out the silent killer that is formaldehyde out of the air.

  • roborock S7 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

  • Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mobile Mouse

    Trackpads can’t compete with a wireless mouth. There, we said it.

71 Best Prime Day Tech Deals of 2023 to Upgrade Your Home Setup

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