I’m A Beauty Editor With Dark Circles—These Are The Only Concealers Worth Buying


If you have dark circles like me, you’ll know that they are extremely stubborn to treat. The truth is, while there are plenty of ways to make dark circles less noticeable, they is no real way to fully ‘get rid’ of them. Dark circles are usually down to genetics, our face’s individual structure and our lifestyle. This means that no eye cream will ever make them entirely disappear—despite the magical claims that many skincare brands might make. While there are certain aesthetic treatments that can address dark circles, for the most part, you’re better off putting your money towards good skincare and wearing SPF, that treats the delicate skin around the eye area to help your eyes look their best. However, makeup can be transformative in temporarily concealing dark circles day to day, and has allowed me to accept my dark circles with the knowledge that I can disguise them when I want to.

The good news is that there are many great concealers for dark circles out there. But, finding the right one can be tricky. If the formula is too full coverage or heavy, it will look cakey and settle into fine lines. Too light and it won’t provide enough coverage to disguise the blue, purple or green tones that we often see under our eyes. It also comes down to preference too. Some may favour a matte concealer to conceal their under eye area, whereas others may prefer a dewy, radiant finish that reflects light to detract from dark circles.

With so many concealers available, it can be hard to know where to start and wonder which is the best concealer for you. So, I’ve listed the best concealers for dark circles that have made their way into the Who What Wear UK beauty cupboard and now have permanent residence in my makeup bag. There’s one for every skin type and preference ahead.

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I’m A Beauty Editor With Dark Circles—These Are The Only Concealers Worth Buying

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