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The following contains spoilers for Black Adam, now showing in theaters.

One of the most interesting figures in the hit film Black Adam is Doctor Fate. Sure, it’s fun seeing Dwayne Johnson’s Teth-Adam cut loose and cause massive chaos to keep Kahndaq safe, but the movie does apt service to the magical veteran too. Pierce Brosnan delivers an engaging performance as Kent Nelson, helping guide the younger heroes while still toeing the line as he realizes the ancient power Adam holds within.

However, to keep world peace, the Lord of Order has to battle the mystical antihero, recognizing Adam is a weapon of mass destruction. This leads to both eventually forming an uneasy bond when a demonic entity named Sabbac — who’s intent on the apocalypse — arises. Unfortunately, as badass as Kent comes off with the Helmet of Nabu, the relic remixes Naruto‘s greatest trick in bittersweet fashion.

Doctor Fate Uses Naruto’s Shadow Clone Technique in Black Adam

Naruto Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

When the Justice Society engage Adam in the streets of Kahndaq in the first act, they struggle against the powerhouse. It leads to a construction site scrap where Doctor Fate creates clones, battering and pinning Adam down. It’s all so Atom Smasher, in his giant form, can smash Adam and knock him out. Adam escapes and beats the heroes down, though they get on the same page in time when sensing Sabbac’s rise.

That said, this technique is very similar to Naruto’s Shadow Clone manuever, which he used quite often against the likes of Sasuke, Obito, Madara and Kaguya. As he unlocked his Sage Mode, his copies became stronger, able to generate their own Rasengan energy balls as well. Given his immense chakra, Naruto could make more clones than others, mastering the move as enemies struggled to tell which was the real one. It was a brilliant misdirection trick, helping Naruto overcome many foes and cement his legendary status — something Boruto’s still trying to perfect years later.

Doctor Fate and Hawkman Have Different Fates With Their Clones

Hawkman & Dr. Fate standing together in Black Adam

Sadly, Doctor Fate engages Sabbac by himself in Black Adam, blocking the JSA out the palace as he doesn’t want Hawkman to die, per his visions. He creates his clones, but Sabbac susses out the real one and slaughters him. It’s an unforgiving murder, built on the flaw where Fate gets tired. This once more nods to Naruto needing energy to keep the move going.

Hawkman then battles Sabbac, but he’s also stabbed to death. The big twist comes right after, though, in that this Hawkman is a copy. The real one is secretly holding Fate’s helmet, and after duping Sabbac, he then summons more clones — a trick Fate taught him from their years of being partners. The Hawkman clones pin Sabbac down, allowing Adam to arrive and fry the demon’s brains.

Adam then takes Sabbac to the sky and rips him apart. The protagonist ultimately gives Hawkman respect for the move, leaving Naruto fans torn — because while the clones were used in a way the Hokage would be proud of, it’s tragic that Fate ran out of juice and died.

See how Naruto’s Shadow Clones get plugged in Black Adam, now in theaters.

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