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Nikole Babb

It’s not often you hear the words ‘fashion show’ in Butler County. Last Saturday, Nov. 5, downtown Augusta was lit up with fashion and inspiration to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer thanks to Bethanie Brewer Salon. The fashion show was held outside on the Sugar Shane’s Cafe patio. Beautiful headpieces and 20 women of all shapes and sizes, different backgrounds and ages walked the runway. For some, it was their first time ever seeing a fashion show let alone model in one.

‘Life is too short. You have to do something that scares you a little bit every day or it’s not worth it,’ said Brewer.

Bethanie Brewer Salon, run and operated by Augusta local Bethanie Brewer opened in 2021. Although Brewer has been in the beauty industry for 35 years. Brewer graduated from Vernon’s Kansas School of Cosmetology and has traveled the world learning industry trades. She’s traveled to Germany, London, Spain, Greece and Turkey while studying abroad and participating in numerous fashion shows and beauty shows along the way. After traveling and studying, Brewer opened her beauty salon in Texas 29 years ago.

After moving back to her hometown of Augusta, Brewer wanted to make a difference in the local beauty and fashion scene. After hosting a few local photoshoots, she knew a fashion show was the next step. No ordinary fashion show would do for this cosmetologist – a fashion show that makes an impact is what she needed.

‘I realized a lot of residents here have not had the opportunity to go to a fashion show. For New York Fashion Week, if you aren’t a celebrity or social lite, you don’t get an invitation to attend. So I wanted to open this up for everyone to come and make it affordable,’ said Brewer. ‘All of our models were local, starting from age 16 and up. None of them had walked the runway before or modeled and they were so excited.’

Focusing on bringing awareness to ovarian cancer survivors, almost every model recruited for this fashion show is an ovarian cancer survivor. All proceeds from the show are going towards a local ovarian cancer research foundation that is yet to be chosen. Brewer chose ovarian cancer as the beneficiary because it’s impacted many women around her. 50 guests attended the fashion event to support women in the community and enjoy the show.

‘I’ve known a lot of women that have been affected by ovarian cancer. Most of them weren’t able to have it detected early, so it’s fatal at that point. Ovarian cancer doesn’t discriminate, it just attacks.’

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