Stylist and Fashion Editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson Will Be Target’s … – Because of Them We Can


These prices and sizes are for all!

This stylist and fashion editor is up next for Target’s second Future Collective collection, Essence reports.

Target tapped Kahlana Barfield for their very first Target Future Collective collection, a first-of-its-kind collection featuring partnerships with cultural influencers. Barfield’s collection sold out quickly! Now they’re introducing their second collection with the New York City-based fashion editor and stylist, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. This partnership marks a full circle moment for her. In Karefa-Johnson’s early years, Target was the place she shopped when looking for the nicest threads with the best prices. 

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The Gabriella Karefa-Johnson collection will be incorporating her maximalist fashion aesthetic and celebrating women of all sizes. She wants to add pops of color, abstract prints, and texture to our wardrobes.

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In an interview with Essence, Karefa-Johnson said, “When I was thinking about the design process with the Target team, they asked, ‘Who are you designing for?’ and I said, ‘I’m designing for my mom. I’m designing for my sister. I’m designing for my aunt. I’m designing for my bestie. I’m designing for the girl on the street who I hope to see walking past the Atlantic Avenue Target in this look. I want it to feel expansive in terms of versatility and variety, and I want that to be something for everyone.”

Starting January 29th, you’ll be able to find over 100 clothing items online and in-store ranging from $10 to $50 with the majority of them priced under $35. They’ll refresh this collection three times until spring! 

We can’t wait to rock pieces from this new collection. You go, Gabby! 

Photo: Target/ Taylor Hill/WireImage

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