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In the first episode of new reality show Bling Empire: New York on Netflix, we’re introduced to Tina Leung. Since then, loads of people have been commenting about how incredible she is, and how she’s defo the most likeable person on the show.

For a start, she’s 40 and looks 21 tops. I need that skincare routine right now. Tina shares a little bit about her life on the show, but she’s had a wild life leading up to where she is now. Here is everything you need to know about Tina Leung, as you get dangerously hooked on Bling Empire: New York on Netflix.

Tina Leung probably my favorite on Bling Empire New York. She is my favorite.

— cassandra. (@YungMoneyCaase) January 20, 2023

Bling Empire: New York star Tina Leung is 40, and from Hong Kong

Tina Leung might be living the high life on Bling Empire: New York now, but she wasn’t born there – she grew up in Orange County, California, and was born in Hong Kong, China. Tina was born on March 27th, 1982, making her 40 – but I’m still refusing to believe she’s a day over 21, she looks incredible.

Tina is the eldest of four daughters, and has spoken about her parents a little bit on the show. She explained her father used to be a businessman, specialising in baby goods, but she isn’t close to her parents and has been cut-off by them.

She studied at one of the world’s top fashion schools

Tina spent a year at Bates College in Maine, before transferring to Bristol University in California to study theatre, film, and television. After doing this for three years, she moved to New York and attended Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), which is one of top fashion schools in the world.

On Bling Empire: New York, she’s described as a ‘fashion it-girl’

On the show, Tina is described as a “fashion it-girl” who is part of the “Slaysians” – a group of influential Asians in New York City, mostly involved in the fashion world. She is currently working as an influencer, with hopes of becoming a creative director of a fashion brand one day.

She has also worked as a stylist and writer in Hong Kong. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and her page, which she started in 2008, is called Tina Loves. She has also launched Era, a designer vintage retail service.

Speaking on a podcast, Tina said she got her first break in the fashion industry when she was at a hair salon. She was getting her hair done in Hong Kong, and recalled having her portfolio with her when the stylist said there was a guy there who was starting a magazine. The guy was Gordon Lam, Associate Publisher and Creative Director at Prestige Magazine, and Tina then landed her first job in the fashion industry, at the magazine.

Now, she’s friends with some of the world’s top designers and fashion names and has worked with luxury brands such as Gucci, Valentino, and Roberto Cavalli. Despite us seeing her on Bling Empire: New York missing out on front row at Fashion Week because she was late, Tina Leung gets invited to all the major fashion events, and yes, she’s front row.

Tina Leung is a millionaire, of course

Tina has a net worth of $4million. On the show she explained after being cut-off by her father, she had to become financially independent in her 20s. It’s believed she has made her money through her work in fashion and influencing.

She has 422k followers on Instagram

Right now, Tina Leung has 422k followers on Instagram, but this figure has been rising daily since the release of Bling Empire: New York on Netflix. Her feed is basically exactly what you’d expect: It’s all professional fashion shoots, outfit pictures and runways all over the world.

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