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Are you looking to upgrade your western fashion but aren’t sure where to start? Learn about four cowgirl fashion tips to try when styling western skirts!

Cowgirls have an incredible sense of style. From bell-bottom jeans to cowboy hats, the western cowgirl aesthetic is impeccable! Since the style revolves around wearing denim jeans, how can you incorporate different bottoms into your western looks? Use these four cowgirl fashion tips for styling western skirts to expand your western wardrobe!

Maxi Skirts and Cowboy Boots

Skirts create a more feminine look for the western style. Instead of the typical mini skirt, try a maxi skirt instead! They produce a more sophisticated look that complements the traditional western style.

Fashionistas know that cowboy boots are gorgeous when paired with skirts. Since maxi skirts flow down to the ankles, consider styling a maxi skirt with a slit! It can further show off your kickin’ cowboy boots and complete your ideal cowgirl outfit.

Pair a Statement Skirt With a Neutral Top

A skirt with vibrant colors, textures, or intricate patterns is the easiest way to make a statement. But how can you style the rest of your outfit? The best way to make your skirt stand out is to pair it with a neutral top.

This method develops a balance. It gives your outfit the space to be bold while allowing the more muted-colored top to let the skirt speak for itself.

Style Skirts With a Graphic Tee

Are you going for a more rock ‘n roll western look? Graphic tees are a classic way to create a comfortably dressy look that fits in with any activity for the day.

There are several ways to style western graphic tees with a skirt. The first option is to tuck in the tee to the skirt. Alternatively, you can tie the bottom half of the shirt in a knot to create a crop-top look. Lastly, try tucking a small section of the top into the skirt to create some dimension for the outfit.

Enhance Your Western Skirt With a Belt and Buckle

Let’s truly embrace your western style! Belt buckles are a traditional cowgirl fashion piece that’s typically worn with jeans. What’s stopping you from wearing a country belt and buckle with your skirt?

The skirt is the statement. Every item on the bottom half of the outfit calls for everyone’s attention. A western belt buckle is a fantastic accessory when styling a western skirt.

These quick fashion tips will help you expand your western wear and personal style!

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