The Expensive-Looking Mango Dress Influencers Are Pouncing On


Assuming you follow more than your BFF’s dog on Instagram, chances are you will have seen some of the social-media world’s most stylish people descend upon the island of Menorca. The trip came courtesy of high-street hotspot Mango, which jetted in editors and influencers from across the world to celebrate a very special collaboration (more on that next week). Although we had boots on the ground in the form of our roving reporter and Editor in Chief, Hannah Almassi, for now, allow me to turn your attention to a knockout dress I kept spotting on those in attendance and that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since. 

Mango is no stranger to creating a cult dress—between a sheer crystal situation from its collaboration with French influencer Camille Charriére to the chic halterneck style from last summer that was harder to get your hands on than Adidas Sambas, Mango seems to know what makes dress lovers tick. Cue its latest offering for summer 2023—a brown linen midi with cut-outs to the sides, a squared-off neckline, and stone-adorned straps, the sort of which you’d expect to see to designer garms. It’s so good, it made it into the suitcases of several influencers on the trips—perhaps most notably Monikh Dale, who has a proven track record of wearing the best high-street pieces before they sell out. 

Since seeing it, I’ve been dreaming about what it would be like to own it myself—where I would wear it (I have an upcoming trip to Athens I think it would do just nicely for), how I would style it (I’m thinking chunky toe-post sandals, WBU?), and how many compliments I’d get on it (I’m willing to bet a fair few). 

Mango’s linen dress with pretty stone straps is still in stock but, if influencers (and I) keep going on about how good it is, I doubt it’ll stay that way for long. Scroll on to see it; then, continue on to shop more chic linen Mango pieces. 

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