Angelina Jolie Just Wore the Dress Style I Could Never Wear to the Airport


Full disclosure: I would probably never wear the outfit Angelina Jolie wore to JFK this week when travelling myself, but there’s no denying how chic she looks. I admire her commitment to being the picture of quiet luxury at all times, especially at the airport. Jolie chose a long white dress paired with platform sandals, a lightweight black jacket, and a tote bag.

So what makes this outfit somewhat controversial? Well, the likelihood of spilling something of yourself is high on airport travel days, as your lap is basically your table for much of the day. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that airport and airplane seats aren’t the cleanest. There’s a lot of white fabric in Jolie’s outfit to keep clean, but I imagine if anyone can do it, it’s Jolie. I prefer to stick to dark colours when I’m traveling just in case of mishaps, but if Jolie has inspired you to wear a white maxi dress to the airport, I support you. If not, scroll to shop a few alternative airport dresses that aren’t as prone to stains.

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