The Latest GQ Box Is the Best $50 You’ll Spend All Summer


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Every edition of the GQ Box is a labor of love. For months, we test, debate, and then test again the raddest products on the market, before deciding which are worthy of inclusion in our quarterly greatest-hits compendium. It’s never easy (what about love is?) but the juice is always worth the squeeze. Mostly, that’s because each time we mail one of these suckers out, the response from you, our favorite sounding board, tends to veer on the euphoric. When you’re happy, we’re happy—and we’ve got a feeling the Summer 2023 box is about to make a whole lot of people a whole lot of happy. (And then sell out real quick, as per usual.)

But before we get all that, allow us to explain how the Box actually works: Every three months, we pile a bunch of GQ editor-endorsed goodies in a box—menswear essentials, top-tier grooming products, useful gear, and more. Then we ship it to your house. Each box costs $50—or $190 for 4 boxes, a full year—but what’s inside is worth $200 or more. It’s a no-brainer. (See more details and subscribe to the GQ Box here.)

Summer’s arrival is great news for a few reasons, but mostly because it heralds the debut of the latest GQ Box—and boy, is this one a banger. To help you prepare for another scorcher, we rang up the indie swimwear experts at Bather to score the only trunks you’ll need this season. Then we called in a grip of top-shelf grooming products from the buzziest names in the business, and packed them all, along with a bunch of other foolproof summer essentials, into the box you’re looking at, and…waited an agonizing couple of months to reveal the full assortment to you, the only people whose opinions we really care about. It’s time to stop panic-scrolling through the weather app: Everything you need to conquer the season in style is right here.

Below, you can see everything we’ve packed into this installment of the GQ Box—and why it’s such a steal.

All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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