From High Street Gems to Luxe Labels—14 Brands Our Editors Wear On Repeat


There are thousands—no—hundreds of thousands of fashion brands out there, maybe even millions(!) to choose from when it comes down to spending our hard-earned money on a wardrobe that not only feels stylish but also long-lasting. How, then, are we ever supposed to narrow it down to the ones that are actually worth our time? Well, there are, of course, many factors. From sustainable credentials to how well the brands sit with your personal style and ethics. Unfortunately, since every one of us has such different approaches to what we want—and need—from our wardrobes, it would be very hard for us to offer personalised brand suggestions unless we set it up as a whole side-hustle/personal shopping-esque service—which isn’t a bad idea, actually. 

However, what we can help with is revealing the brands that our editors themselves truly love (and genuinely wear on repeat). After all, Who What Wear editors are nothing if not experts in the field of fashion, and because it’s literally our jobs to see as many collections from as many brands as possible each season, you can bet that we make considered decisions about each and every brand we actually choose to wear. 

Of course, certain restrictions (from budget, to time) play a big part in what our favourite brands are. I’m sure in a dream world we’d all be wearing pieces from The Row on repeat, or spending hours each day on Instagram discovering smaller independent brands, or trawling thrift shops for second-hand finds. But, alas, we’re talking hyper-realism here—no BS. which is why you’ll find below a mix of more affordable high street brands we can rely on for quality, as well as some lesser-known or higher end brands we choose to invest a little more in to elevate our wardrobes. We’re big fans of a high-low dressing if you hadn’t already cottoned on. 

Keep scrolling, then, to see which brands your favourite Who What Wear editors actually wear time and time again, and shop the items we really recommend as well. 

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