27 Colourful Nail Designs I’m Saving for My Next Nail Appointment


Having your nails done is one of the greatest beauty joys. Whether you switch your manicure up every time by opting for some nail art or are loyal to a classic pink manicure, there is something about having a new set of nails that brings instant joy. You can’t beat the feeling of perfectly shaped nails paired with some cuticle work and a fresh varnish to make your hands look more polished.

However, there is something to be said for throwing caution to the wind and choosing a bold and bright manicure. It feels so right for summer, especially now that holiday-and-wedding season is upon us. Whether it’s a bold swipe of pistachio green all over your nails, pastel abstract swirls in clashing colours or a slither of neon painted along your tips, there are so many ways to experiment with colourful nail designs. Can’t decide on one colour? Choose them all and paint a hue on each nail. It’s the beauty version of dopamine dressing. Plus, there’s something about this summer that feels right to experiment with all the colours of the rainbow, whether it’s at the nail salon or experimenting with a DIY mani.

We’ve seen plenty of colourful manicures on our feeds lately, so it seems that everyone is ripping up the rule book of what a traditional manicure should look like. With so many designs to choose from, we saved some of our favourite colourful nail designs that we’ve spotted lately. Embrace yourself for plenty of inspo.

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