The Persol Sunglasses Steve McQueen Made Famous Are a Whopping Half Off


If you woke up this morning squinting angrily at the sun, you can unsheathe those peepers: thanks to Prime Day, there’s a once-in-a-blue-moon sale on Persol sunglasses going down at Amazon right now—but we’re not sure how long the deals will last. Today, after all, is the last 24 hours of the ‘Zon’s annual shopping bonanza, and our sources deep inside of Bezosville tell us the markdowns are quickly coming to an end. Plenty of deals on rock-solid menswear basics, wrist-elevating watches, and summer-ready kicks are still alive and well, but if you’ve avoided opening your wallet this long, the frames that just hit Amazon’s sale section are a solid reason as any to fork over your credit card information.

Persol 9649S Aviator Sunglasses

Persol, for the blissfully non-menswear-pilled, was the eyewear brand of choice for one Steve McQueen, the late actor—and perennial moodboard favorite—who swore by the Italian label’s ritzy aviator sunglasses. The Persol 0649s, the brand’s most famous specs, have been around since the late ‘50s, but it wasn’t until a decade later that they really took off thanks to a crucial cosign from McQueen. Throughout that decade, as GQ contributor Jake Woolf pointed out a few months ago, the King of Cool “made those tortoiseshell sunglasses a key component of his persona, wearing them in Bullitt, The Thomas Crown Affair, and The Getaway—and in plenty of the off-screen outfits that helped enshrine his visage on menswear’s Mount Rushmore.” (Noted McQueen stan Jacob Elordi really digs ‘em, too.)

You can stop squinting now, folks: any of the Persol sunglasses below will protect you from the sun’s rays—and the paparazzi’s flash—with equal panache.

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The Persol Sunglasses Steve McQueen Made Famous Are a Whopping Half Off

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